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Grucz Tattoo Art

Crafting unique designs for each client is what I'm all about. Drawing freehand directly onto my clients ensures that the design not only fits their body perfectly but also moves naturally with them.

Delving into the world of gothic horror, my tattoo style brings in all the dark vibes, mixing in bio-organic designs, surreal shadows, and eerie flow lines for that extra edge.

Eager to bring your horror-themed tattoo vision to life? Send a booking request today and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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Tattoo Conventions

We love attending tattoo events worldwide—it's a great way to meet my clients from different parts of the globe and provide them with exclusive tattoos.


Keep an eye on the events we're attending throughout the year, and make sure to secure a spot for your upcoming one-of-a-kind tattoo project.

Anders Grucz

Founder of Grucz Art ApS

I specialise in crafting exclusive and unique freehand tattoos for my clients, dedicating the necessary time to ensure you achieve the flawless result you're after.

Anders Grucz Tattoo Art
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Ready to Book Your Session?

I strongly recommend that you make your initial preparation to your best abilities before booking a tattoo session. To help you get a head start, I've put together a portfolio showing my work and a list of frequently asked questions on my FAQ page. Here, you can immerse yourself in the necessary information, read more about my tattoo style and prepare before and after a tattoo session with me.

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Interested in learning more about me, my work, or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project? 

Feel free to reach out anytime.

Thanks for reaching out!

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