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Before scheduling your tattoo session, take a moment to browse through my portfolio to gain an understanding of my distinct tattooing style. Each tattoo artist has a unique approach to design and tattooing, and it's essential that my style aligns with your vision for your specific tattoo project.

I specialise in crafting freehand "dark art" designs that draw inspiration from the mysterious and the macabre. For those who share an appreciation for the darker side of art, I aim to create custom, unique pieces that stand out.

Each tattoo I create is a unique and individual expression of art, perfectly tailored to fit your body. As you browse through my portfolio, envision how my style resonates with your vision. I do not work with realism, color work, lettering, or other styles—my focus is entirely on delivering exceptional, bespoke dark art pieces that make a statement.

It's crucial that my tattoo style matches what you're seeking for your tattoo project. Take your time to browse and envision the art you'd like to carry with you. When you're ready, head to my booking page and send a request. Excited to bring your vision to life!

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Explore My Portfolio

As a tattoo artist, I have my own unique style, just like every client has their own ideas for their tattoo. Take a look at my portfolio to see if my style matches what you’re looking for. Or feel free to get in touch, and we can discuss your expectations. I'm here to help bring your tattoo vision to life!

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