Your tattoo is going to be on your body for life. That's why I always recommend to do your initial preparation and research prior to a tattoo session. I put together the most frequently asked questions on this sub-page to read carefully - and most importantly so you can follow my guidelines promptly as this will help determine the final result of your tattoo project.


I always make regular bookings and take the size of the tattoo project into consideration when doing so. As a result, there may be some short or longer delays.

My working hours are typically from 10 am-5:30 pm (Monday to Friday). When you book an appointment for a tattoo session, it requires for you to pay a deposit, which will be deducted from the total price of the tattoo on the day of the session.

Price ranges (2020)

  • Minimum price - DKK 1.000

  • Hourly rate - DKK 1.500

  • Daily session - DKK 6.500

  • Double session - DKK 11.000

Working conditions

  • I do not tattoo people under the age of 18 (nor with parental permission).

  • I do not tattoo drunk and people who are otherwise under influence.

  • I do not tattoo places on the body where the tattoo does not last or the result cannot become optimal due to wear and tear. This is to achieve the best result and for the customer to get a durable piece of art on the body.

Examples of places I do not tattoo on:

  • Fingers

  • Face

  • Under the foot

Also, I do not tattoo Nazi or any other highly offensive motives.


Preparation (Before Session)

Prior to a tattoo session, it is important to meet up prepared. Here's what I want from you.


Instructions (After Session)

The healing process is crucial to the final result. You are going to be in control of this process yourself, meaning it will be your responsibility to give your new tattoo its' optimal care based on these instructions.


Tattoo Style and Design

I always want you to go through my portfolio before booking your tattoo session. Since everyone has their way of designing and tattooing, it is important that my tattoo style and design is exactly what you are looking for for your particular tattoo project.


Portraits and References

I will always demand the best possible reference when doing tattoo portraits or references - preferably in the highest resolution possible and where there is good contrast and depth in the image.


Hygiene and Safety

I always use disposable gear and disposable needles. Everything gets wrapped up. With hygiene courses, I maintain the important knowledge to give you the best possible safety.


Book me as your tattoo artist!

You have reviewed the list of frequently asked questions, read the preparation and instructions and fallen in love with my portfolio.


Now is the time to book your tattoo session with me as your tattoo artist! Book your session today to reserve a spot on my waiting list. I look forward to talking more about your tattoo project.

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