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Instructions (After Session)

You would think your tattoo is done as soon you leave the tattoo salon but that is far from the case. Now, the healing process begins, which is crucial to the final result. You are going to be in control of this process yourself, meaning it will be your responsibility to give your new tattoo its' optimal care based on the following instructions.

The healing process may vary from person to person but usually lasts for 6 weeks. During this period, it is extremely important to follow the following instructions:

  • Avoid scratching the tattoo. The tattoo must be allowed to heal on your skin in peace.

  • Avoid sun and tanning beds (the sun is the worst enemy due to it's powerful UV rays, which can damage the tattoo, which leads to scarring and deteriorating colors. Therefore, keep your tattoo away from the sun - especially the first year - and watch out being in the sun with your tattoo afterwards). Recommended product: Tattoo Armor Sleeves.

  • Never bathe in chlorine or salt water while the tattoo heals (6 weeks). It will cause the tattoo to lose color pigmentation.

  • Never use lotions or creams for your tattoo other than those assigned here: 1) IQ Aftercare, which I give free with every session 2) Panthenol (available at MATAS); 3) Melissa Arnica ointment (available at MATAS).

  • Only use PH-friendly soap that does not contain perfume or alcohol.

  • Be careful taking long showers as this can prolong the healing process.

The Day After 

(These 4 steps only apply if you haven't got Second Skin film on):

  • Leave the bandage on your new tattoo for the next day.

  • Gently remove all clotted blood and lotion residue.

  • Wash with PH-friendly soap that does not contain perfume or alcohol.

  • Rinse with water - Attention! DO NOT scrub the tattoo!

  • Dip the tattoo gently dry with a completely clean towel and apply a thin layer of the assigned lotion or cream. Do not re-use the Second Skin film during the daytime.

The Healing Period (6 Week)

!!! IMPORTANT !!! 


First 3 Weeks: 

Often apply a thin layer of the lotion or cream assigned for your tattoo to keep the skin moisturized. A maximum of 3 hours must elapse between each application.


Last 3 Weeks: 

Continue with a thin layer of lotion or cream, at least 3 times a day.

After 6 weeks of treatment, go straight to treatment with Vitamin E ointment. Remember to have clean hands every time you lubricate your tattoo.

Before bedtime for the next 5 days, we recommend that you wash the tattoo and apply a thin layer of the lotion or cream assigned for your tattoo, and apply plastic wrap afterwards.


After the Healing Process: 

Use Vitamin E ointment 3 times a week. This will keep the color pigmentation beautiful and avoid dry skin. Vitamin E ointment can be purchased from MATAS and selected pharmacies.

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Ready to Book Your Session?

I strongly recommend that you make your initial preparation to your best abilities before booking a tattoo session. To help you get a head start, I've put together a portfolio showing my work and a list of frequently asked questions on my FAQ page. Here, you can immerse yourself in the necessary information, read more about my tattoo style and prepare before and after a tattoo session with me.

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