Tattoo Style and Design

I always want you to go through my portfolio before booking your tattoo session. Since everyone has their way of designing and tattooing, it is important that my tattoo style and design is exactly what you are looking for for your particular tattoo project.

I'm not doing copy work on other people's tattoos, but feel free to bring some inspiration to the table. This is out of respect for other tattoo artists and their clients. Also, I'd rather we collaborate on creating a unique tattoo design for you. Share your ideas and as we approach the date of your tattoo session, we will collaborate on your final draft. For that reason, remain open to ideas as I only want to give you a unique piece of art on the body.


In some cases, I do free hand during the day to make the tattoo design fit your body. Other times, I design a week prior to your session (but never months before, since I want to take all the latest ideas into consideration).


Often, I would recommend you make the tattoo a bit bigger than you might have imagined. This is to make the tattoo more durable so it follows the body better, but also to include more details in it. In some cases, I will take a picture of your tattoo, which will be used for promotion and for my portfolio.


Overall, I can guarantee that your tattoo design will remain yours, meaning I won't make it again on another client, so it will remain your unique piece - a one of a kind.

Ready to Book Your Session?

I strongly recommend that you do your initial research to the best of your abilities before booking a tattoo session. To help you get a head start, I have compiled an overview of the most frequently asked questions on my FAQ-page where you can immerse yourself in necessary information, read more about my tattoo style and prepare before and after a tattoo session with me as your tattoo artist.