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Tattoo Style and Design

I'm passionate about delivering the perfect tattoo for you, and I want you to feel confident in my style before booking a session. That's why I encourage everyone to take a stroll through my portfolio. Each artist has their unique approach, and my aim is to ensure my tattoo style aligns perfectly with your vision for your individual tattoo project.

My artistic inspiration stems from the realms of horror and the gothic universe. These genres often draw parallels to classic horror films and the works of iconic artists like Beksinski and the tales of Lovecraft.

In my process, I work freehand, allowing the design to flow naturally on your body. By hand-sketching the design directly on your skin, I ensure a tattoo that's not only unique but also perfectly suits your body's contours.

Here are a few examples:


My technique is all about diving into dark art and the macabre, creating tattoos that carry detailed shadows, eerie flow lines and bio-organic texture.


Years of charcoal drawing have influenced my style, infusing a dark visual aesthetic into my tattoo work. This signature style comprises darkness, intricate details, and a touch of movement, along with minimal graphic elements. It's this blend that, in my view, creates the ideal mix for both the expression and longevity of a tattoo.

Marmor 02.jpg

Ready to Book Your Session?

I strongly recommend that you make your initial preparation to your best abilities before booking a tattoo session. To help you get a head start, I've put together a portfolio showing my work and a list of frequently asked questions on my FAQ page. Here, you can immerse yourself in the necessary information, read more about my tattoo style and prepare before and after a tattoo session with me.

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