Showcase of My Work

Remember to go through my portfolio before you book your tattoo session. Since everyone has their way of designing and tattooing, it is important that it is precisely my tattoo style that you are looking for to your specific tattoo project.

Ryg design3.jpg

Custom Tattoo Designs

When I make black & gray tattoos, it is by diluting the large ink with distilled water to create a wash to create lighter shadows, which makes it possible to make shadows with tattoos that are very similar to the smooth shadows you see in black and white photography.



I drew portraits for many years before starting as a tattoo artist, and have always loved working with realism. It can be portraits of both humans and animals whose eyes, details, shadows and depth I always put a lot of focus into capturing.

Grucz Art Tattoo

Prizes and Awards

Different awards I have won at the different conventions I have attended.


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